Bridging The Gap: Your Purpose Set you up for Life

It is never too late to discover your purpose.

My Purpose: A Faint Understanding

If you would have asked me to share my purpose with you in high school, I would have given you a blank stare and answered, I do not know.

To me, education was a box that I had to check. Therefore, it did not have my full attention.

I did not think forward and doing easy was my friend as it did not ask much from me. In fact, my easy classes did not require me to spend much time preparing and studying for them.

After my Junior year, I was confronted with a dilemma in the Summer. What am I going to do after High School? College, Military, and or Workforce.

At this point, college was out of the question. More school…No way! Education just did not appeal to me. The workforce option had some appeal but staying home with my parents while I worked was a No Go for me as I was out growing their house rules. I needed a change! So, the Military was my last option. Unlike the other two, I did not have any initial opposing thoughts against it.

My brother, who was a commissioned officer in the United States Army, invited me to stay with him for a couple of weeks. It was my hope that I would learn something that would point me in the right direction.

I was excited to see him, but even more excited to hear about his military experiences and just see the Post with my own eyes.

It was great being on the Army Post. Seeing soldiers marching with confidence and purpose was a highlight. They moved together in a creative rhythm, as they sung Army cadences. They looked like they belonged to something great and relevant. This was a Big Like for me.

With my interest piqued and my mind satisfied, I knew I was going to join the Army.

The “How” was the question. Do I enlist or go to college and enroll in the ROTC (Reserves Officers Training Corps) program? This is where my brother’s ROTC and Academic stories helped me to make my decision.

Fast forward…I was accepted into college and enrolled in the ROTC program.

I know…it seemed like my life changed in an instance. Well, it didn’t. It was just the opposite. I had to work hard to catch up to be effective in college. I mustered the right energy to put in the work and made it happen. I was Locked-In!

As I reflect now, I realize my purpose was active in my life without my awareness. It shifted me from the wrong path to the right one that was preset for me. Going to college and joining the ROTC program when I did not appreciate school and education corroborates this story.

Fast Forward- My Purpose: A Pronounced Understanding

Today, I recognize my purpose that empowers me to know the following:

· Who I am

· What I am supposed to do

· Where I am supposed to do it

· How I am supposed to do it

· With whom I am supposed to do it

Unfortunately, you may be living life opposite to your purpose. You are living for others, and not for yourself or for some other reason. You have felt a desire to do something else, but because you feel it is the 11th hour you think it is too late to change. So, you continue to live with regret and misery.

Today is your day! Decide to listen to your purpose and make the change. Instead of solely looking at what you will lose, imagine what you will gain. These thoughts will fill your mind so that there isn’t any room for lost and or waste.

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