Bridging The Gap: You are an Effective Communicator

Just a quick review on the attribute, Self Worth: Do you embrace your self-worth? Or are you still trying to find it through what you do on your job or through someone you admire? If so, I challenge you to change your thinking and begin to embrace who you are as a person (leader and or follower) and the talents you bring to the table. Another way of saying this is, Be You and Do You. See yourself as a person of value without doing anything and without meeting dynamic/charismatic people. You are the real deal and God gave you everything you need to be successful in life. Your identity and talents together make this happen in all venues.

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This brings us to the next attribute: Communication. You are an effective communicator! People want to hear what you have to say. They sit forward as you convey on time value to them, their situation, and other pertinent things in their life. They know your speaking value is not based on your career, physicality, gender, ethnicity, education, and religion. Instead, it is based on you Being You and Doing You.

Now, if these descriptions block you from communicating effectively, please check your Communication Value vitality, as something is wrong/unhealthy. Somehow, you have allowed an error to skew your ability to effectively communicate value. Unfortunately, you tear down people, teams, structures, and hurt teammates versus build and sustain the right way of work in these four themes, as a leader and or follower. If this applies to you, you are not out of the game of being a person who Communicates Effectively. I suggest the following:

Inspect your Communication Value — how:

Feedback Criteria (Yes/No answers with an explanation): How well do you communicate: Do you listen? Do people understand what you say? Do you do what you say? Do you dominate the dialogue? Do you give people your full attention when they speak to you? Do you close open cycles?


· Get feedback from a fellow leader in your circle of influence

· Get feedback from a team member on your team

Follower/Team member:

· Get feedback from your leader/employer

· Get feedback from a fellow teammate on your team

· Leader and Follower: Compile the feedback and own it

Appoint an accountability partner: share the feedback with them, create a plan, and monitor progression (share Emotional Data in a Spreadsheet)

Your investment in the above bullets, will give you a measured and healthy return. They will revolutionize your communication skills as a leader and a follower. Furthermore, they place the baton in your hands to empower you to Run to Win, and not Just Finish the Race. The question is do you want to win? If you do, this type of thinking will launch you and your team forward, as you undertake tough and demanding challenges that require effective communication exchange.

Please take some time to access your effectiveness as a Communicator. Be encouraged, and start your journey. You will not be disappointed, as you will learn things about yourself and your ability to communicate.

While you are investing in yourself, here are some Communication Tips that leaders and followers can add to their toolbelt:

· Know what you need to say: form and plan your message for your targeted audience

· Be honest: share the truth

· Listen First; Share Second

— Listen fully to what you hear before forming a response

· Make sure your audience understands what you are saying

— Obtain a receipt (I heard you say…) from them if necessary

· Be efficient: Reflect, Organize, and Deliver

· Make room for your audience to disagree with you

I would love to hear your thoughts about being an effective communicator. Your experience matters to me, as we are all in this life learning and winning together. Thank you for sharing.

The next Leadership and Followership attributes are Team Building and Team Player, respectively.



Keeper: Life’s Value Streams; Author: Position2—-Win; Coach: KOG; Veteran

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Keeper: Life’s Value Streams; Author: Position2—-Win; Coach: KOG; Veteran