Bridging The Gap: You and Your Brand are One

3 min readJun 5, 2022


Angela Vaughan, A Future Master Class Today (FMCT) Generation Z member.

Angela recently graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, and a minor in Human Resources Management. She plans to attend Medical School to study Naturopathic Medicine in a year.

She is currently an active team member in the New Student and Family Program on campus. Her role reciprocates the quality service given to her as a freshman when she transitioned from high school to college. Helping incoming students and their families to experience a smooth transition drives her efforts to perform in her various official duties. Excellent Work!


COVID-19 impacted the world in various ways. Some people shutdown and stopped moving forward. Others were in disbelief and spread disinformation, causing a rift in families, friends and so many others.

Uncertainty seemed to be winning as life became isolated and scary as so many people were dying from the disease.

With all that was going on, Angela decided to press forward and not allow COVID to dominate or stop her from living her best life. She began crocheting again. A fun skill she learned from her aunt some years earlier.

The more she crocheted, the more she began to grow and try new patterns. Suddenly, a business idea formed in her mind. It was a forward opportunity inviting her to move from a viable concept to a tangible reality.

Your Brand and Balance.

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On May 21, 2021, VonStitch, LLC was born. Her website: VonStitch (click on the link)

VonStitch is a Crochet Brand that ventures out into creative and colorful styles that arrest your attention and pique your interest to look closer and hopefully make a purchase. It is a unique and refreshing design that accentuates your body so that you feel comfortable when you wear each garment.

Angela realizes if she allowed external factors to stop her from being her best self and cancel out her creativity, VonStitch would not exist. Her decision to use her time wisely and her creative efforts opened doors of opportunity that will continue to grow as she grows.

Her balance approach to manage things like self-care, being a full-time student, the COVID shutdown challenges, working, her business, and other life situations is laudable. Not one of these critical things were deprived of attention and effort. She understood that if they were unhealthy, they would impact the health of her brand as well.

She will continue to expand the crochets product line as her sales and marketing continues to grow. Furthermore, her new strategy is to add diversity to the brand by introducing a different design to the market. Please be on the lookout for what’s coming. Her fashion creativity is broad and relevant for the industry.

Her Brand opens a door.

As I said earlier, Angela is looking to increase her sales and marketing strategy for her crochet’s product line. She recognizes its growth potential and believes it is a unique niche in the fashion industry. Therefore, she is projecting healthy sales for the next five to seven years.

In support of this thinking, opportunities began to open for her. She was invited to be the opening (1st) designer to show 10 outfits under the VonStitch brand at the RVA Fashion Week in Richmond, VA. Her hard work and diligence were rewarded for just being present and receiving the feedback while being there. Well Done, Atta Girl!

Her brand opened this strategic door to introduce her designs to potential clients, fashion experts, and other designers in the fashion industry.

Takeaways from Angela:

· The only one that can stop you is you. Keep moving!

· Balance undergirds your brand. Any inconsistency in it will reduce its reach and potential

· Someone is always paying attention. Make sure your work is done with excellence

· Your brand represents you in your absence

Angela is winning her race today. Her experiences and learned lessons embody the brightness of what the future will be, can be, and should be.

Thank you, Angela.

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